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Homeless shelter opens in Shelbyville

Its a growing problem, and a growing concern as winter approaches -- homelessness. But a group in Shelbyville is working to fix the problem.

The Open Door of Hope Men's Shelter, a first for Shelbyville, is ready to receive the homeless.  Pastor Lee Bean tells Fox 41's Jennifer Baileys, "We've been open two weeks -- we are up to five and six men."

Until now Pastor Bean says men like Robert Overton and Charlie Hutcheson have had no place to go, no place to sleep and no place to eat.  Where did Overton stay? "Abandoned houses, parks."  And Hutcheson?  "Probably underneath a bridge or abandoned house."

But now they are calling the shelter on Henry Clay Street home.  Shelter officials estimate there are dozens more like them, homeless in the Shelbyville area.  Bean says, "We had several men calling our church needing a place to stay.  We would either have to take them to Frankfort or to Louisville."

It was about a year ago when Pastor Bean and others at Dover Baptist Church came up with the idea of a shelter in Shelbyville. But it took many months of hard work to turn the old building into a home.  Bean explains, "It's just a lot of paperwork and getting the community to get interested in something like this -- finding a location that's not going to be problematic for the community, all of those things just take time."

Bean admits it will take time for people to get used to the idea of a shelter in downtown Shelbyville.  He expects opposition, but local businessman Tommy Pontrich, whose store is across the street from the shelter, says he's just happy the men have a place to go before winter.  "Really, it's a little bit safer," he says.  "There's two guys over there all the time."

The Open Door of Hope Men's Shelter is always in need of donations.  If you would like to donate the number is 502-552-8669 or 502-633-0502.

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