Bridges: A Delayed Decision is No Decision (11/17/09) 

In a basketball game, both sides have strengths and weaknesses and both score points. But when the clock hits zero, the team that’s ahead wins.

Same with political campaigns. While candidates lay out their best arguments for months, only one wins the job come Election Day.

But when it comes to building new bridges – or not – we’re missing that moment of reckoning. And that’s why we’re paralyzed. 

For the past two decades we’ve heard arguments in favor of one East End bridge, one downtown bridge, both bridges and even no new bridges. And everyone makes at least one valid point. The problem is, we’re making no progress toward a verdict.

This is like playing a baseball game with an open-ended number of innings. Still behind by six runs after nine? No problem – let’s play a few more. How many? Well, let’s not worry about that right now. Just play.

We’ve talked long enough about new bridges. Now, we need to establish a “time certain” for a final decision on how we’ll proceed – a deadline after which we know for a fact exactly which approach we’re going to take. After that, the winners can celebrate and the losers can lick their wounds, but the community at large will finally be able to stop talking and start doing something. 

Do you have any ideas about how to move things along? Call and share them with us.

I’m Bill Lamb and that’s my…Point of View.