Your town does Santa Claus maybe one month a year. But this town does Santa all year long. Stay at Santa's Lodge, eat at Saint Nick's Restaurant. Shop at Kringle Place and get your car fixed at Santa's Car Care. That's what life's all about in Santa Claus Indiana, population 2,000. You can find many of those people this month, just off Christmas Boulevard, at the post office.
Postmaster Marian Balbach says the station processes a half-million pieces of mail between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Customers can even cancel their own, using a special rubber stamp, which is a big help to Patty Plantz. "My finger gets kind of sore sometimes. We get to take a break."
Balbach says, "They're all Christmas cards from people all over the United States wanting a postmark. And I have a gentleman that'll drive down from Chicago just to get the cancellation on Santa letters. I think he's 93 years old."
It's the only post office in the world to bear the name of the Jolly Old Elf. And Santa Claus isn't the only famous name around here. Abe Lincoln grew up a couple of miles away. And NFL quarterback Jay Cutler is from Santa Claus. 
Over at the Santa Claus Museum, volunteers are answering some of the 30,000 letters that come in from children every year. They've been doing this every Christmas since 1914. 
Volunteer Barbie Blair says, "All the letters are personalized. It's wonderful. There are some that are very funny and some that are heartbreaking, but they're all very nice."
Just remember: in this town, if you break the law, you'll be arrested by the Santa Claus Police. And like the sign says: life is too short not to believe in Santa Claus.