It's the largest building ever constructed at Fort Knox.  It will mean thousands of new jobs during the next two years.

Just about a year ago, the Army's new Human Resources Command Center was just a steel skeleton.  Now construction is about 90% complete.  The outside is finished and even the landscaping in the giant courtyard is complete.

Hundreds of construction workers were honored Thursday for their work on the $200 million building, which is one-sixth the size of the Pentagon.  It will eventually house about four thousand workers.  Army Colonel Mike Snowden explains, "Over the next year or so we're going to see a significant number of people hired in the area here."

The entire U.S. Army's human resource operation is being consolidated there from offices in the Washington D.C. area, Indianapolis, and St. Louis.  Workers will begin moving in during June once all the interior work is completed.

Col. Snowden says, "Fort Knox transitions from somewhat of a training facility to an administrative one, and dealing with soldiers from the time they join the Army until the time they retire, even following retirement."

Fort Knox's new mission is one that should bring plenty of economic benefits to the region.  Col. Snowden points out, "The people who will be locating here will be stable, professional type families, so we should see an impact in the local area from that, of course."

So far, all of the numbers associated with the building are large.  It's 883,000 square feet, it has more than 3700 parking spaces, and has more than 1300 windows, all of which are energy-efficient.