Guest Editorial – John Yarmuth (12/21/09)

Recently, my Senator and constituent, Mitch McConnell, said on this station he would not support Congress' efforts to make health care more affordable and accessible for all Americans. That's despite a recent poll showing 81 percent of Kentuckians want reform.

It makes perfect sense. You've watched your premiums climb--15, 20, even 30 percent. You may have seen loved ones dropped by insurance companies during treatment or pay thousands more for coverage because of pre-existing conditions. You probably know people who, due to cost, had to forgo doctors' visits and then watched helplessly as they got sicker. And almost certainly, the cost of coverage has been a burden on you and your family.

Recent studies show a ten percent rise in premiums leads to a one percent rise in unemployment and lower wages across the board. It's no wonder eighty-one percent of Kentuckians know we can't afford to keep waiting, and I am determined to keep fighting so you won't have to.

The bill the Senate is working on could go further. But it will stem the rise in premiums, end discrimination against pre-existing conditions, and cover tens of millions of uninsured Americans—all while lowering the national debt.

Many people have concerns about the government standing between a patient and critical care. I'm one of them. And any Member of Congress who refuses to support this bill [health reform], is doing exactly that.


I'm John Yarmuth, and that's my Point of View.