A Christmas Wish (12/24/09)

With Christmas morning only hours away, the "holiday season" is just about over. But unfortunately, that means many people will decide the giving season is also over for another year. And that would be a mistake.

A month from now – or two, or six – Uncle Harry won't need another cheese log for his Christmas stocking. And Mom won't need another framed photo of you and your hamster in matching Santa hats.

But people without homes will still need shelter. People without jobs will still need to feed and clothe their families. And plenty of folks with critical medical problems still won't know where to turn.

Their needs don't end on December 25th. So there's no reason for people who have acted like Santa Claus for the past month to suddenly go back to being Scrooges.

Great organizations like Metro United Way, Dare to Care, Kentucky Harvest and many more do great things to help the less fortunate 12 months a year. But they can only do it with the continued support of those of us who are still blessed with good jobs, nice homes and everything we need to get by.

So even though the holiday trappings will soon be packed away again for another year, my holiday wish for you – no matter which one you celebrate – is that you carry its spirit in your heart all year long. Do that, and you'll have given yourself the greatest gift of all.

I'm Bill Lamb, saying Merry Christmas! And that's my…Point of View.