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Unhealthy Corruption in the U.S. Senate (12/29/09)

Unhealthy Corruption in the U.S. Senate (12/29/09)

I've picked on Republicans plenty in the almost eight years I've been offering my Point of View, but today I'm blasting the Democrats who are patting themselves on the back for passage of their health care bill last week.  Instead of posing for pictures and taking a victory lap, many of those 58 Democratic senators should be slinking off into the shadows because of the corrupt way in which they passed the bill. 

The goal of the health care bill was a noble one, but it wasn't good enough to pass on its own merits so the Democratic leadership began bribing their own to buy the votes necessary for its passage. And it took a massive amount of corruption and bribery to get it done.

Senator Chris Dodd didn't feel the bill was worthy of his vote until he was offered a $100 million dollar hospital in his home state of Connecticut in exchange for his vote.  That's a bribe.  Senator Ben Nelson couldn't get on board with the bill as written until he could get the other Democrats to agree to pay 100% of Nebraska's expanded Medicare tab forever.  Still not enough, he demanded an exemption for Mutual of Omaha from the regulations that will be imposed on other health insurers before giving his vote.  That's extortion.  Senator Mary Landrieu wouldn't commit her vote until she was given extra Medicaid subsidies that will go to Louisiana.  Oh well, it's only another $100 million dollars.

Senate majority Leader Harry Reid was unapologetic about the deal-making calling the process "compromise."  I call it corruption at the highest level.  The hundreds of millions of dollars it took to buy these votes had nothing to do with the original intent of the bill.  They were more pork grabs by Democratic hogs feeding at the taxpayer's trough.  It sickens me and I hope it sickens you too. 

Whether you agree with me or not, call and let us know what you think.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my…Point of View.

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