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Parents – The Key to Education (1/14/10)

Parents – The Key to Education (1/14/10) 

It was recently reported that nearly a third of students born in Jefferson County drop out before graduating from high school. 

That's terrible.

While it's never been a good idea to toss away an education, non-graduates in previous decades at least had a shot at making a decent living at manufacturing and manual labor jobs. But automation and overall workforce streamlining have slashed the number of such opportunities, and they aren't coming back.

So dropouts these days face a likely future of three options: unemployment, underemployment or jail.

Many blame the school system. But the truth is -- despite its imperfections – that system produces many more successes than failures.

So what really accounts for the difference between kids who make it and kids who don't?


When parents show up for conferences, demand to see completed homework and insist on good grades, kids stay in school and succeed. And when parents fail to do these things, kids get the message that education is unimportant – creating a roadblock to learning that's virtually insurmountable for even the most dedicated teacher.

Uninvolved parents can blame everyone else for their children's failures, but that's just hiding from the truth. And no amount of educational reform can overcome that.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my…Point of View.

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