Darts and Laurels (2/11/10) 

Time for some more Darts and Laurels. 

My first Laurel goes to this area's amazing snow removal professionals for the countless hours they worked keeping our roads clear and drivable during and after this week's winter storm. Memphis, Tennessee – with its Federal Express hub -- may be the only other southern city with the same kind of pressure to keep the traffic moving. But considering how much less snow they get there, I'm inclined to think our guys are the best in the region.

Meanwhile, a Dart goes to Six Flags, for playing fast and loose in their dealings with the Kentucky State Fair Board before announcing the closing of Kentucky Kingdom.

Why would they announce their decision to bolt more than two months before their negotiating deadline unless they'd actually planned to jump ship all along? And the company's haste last fall to move its signature coaster, Chang, to another location – supposedly to make way for a planned water park expansion that was never even begun -- raises even more questions as to their real intentions. 

And finally, another Laurel goes to our friends at WLKY for their part in airing the most-watched program in television history, last Sunday's Super Bowl. We may be competitors, but I know a major accomplishment when I see it and my hat's off to the folks at 32. 

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my…Point of View.