Lisa Moxley knows the ups and downs of politics. Last year, she served as then-candidate Barack Obama's press secretary for the state of Kentucky during the presidential Democratic primary campaign.

According to the official bio released to Fox 41 by her campaign, Moxley also knows Louisville. She was born and raised here, graduating from St. Francis High School in Goshen before studying psychology at the University of Virginia and getting her law degree at William and Mary Law School (also in Virginia).

From there, Moxley went on to become an entertainment lawyer who worked with studio powerhouses such as NBC, Fox and Disney.

An article in The Voice-Tribune quotes Moxley as saying her subsequent move to Los Angeles was as much as a surprise to her as it was to everyone around her.

"About two months before I moved there, I said that you couldn't pay me to live in L.A.," she says. "But I'd always wanted to work in entertainment law, and there was none of that in Washington….When one of those ‘you've got to decide right now' opportunities came along, I took it."

After serving as Obama's Kentucky press secretary, Moxley decided to make Louisville her home once again.

The two issues most dear to her, according to her official bio, are helping nonprofits that provide economic empowerment to underserved communities, and providing leadership to young women and girls.