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Jackie Green


According to his official bio, the Jackie Green for Mayor campaign can be summed up in one word: Energy. He wants fewer cars on the streets -- and he's not about to ask Louisville residents to do something he wouldn't do himself.

His official bio states that he gave his truck away in 1999 and has lived without a motor vehicle ever since. He co-founded Louisville's only bicycle courier service in 2001 and the Bike Courier's Bike Shops in 2006.

It's all part of making Louisville more -- well -- "Green." And Green says the key to that is public transit.

"Louisville has a very impoverished public transit system," Green told Fox 41's Bennett Haeberle. "I am committed to public transit. That's where we need to put our transportation investment. Not in more highways and more bridges."

"A great public transit system will reduce the need for individual automobiles on our highways," Green added. "If we take that capacity off our highways, we have freed up greater capacity on our highways for other traffic – larger commercial traffic, perhaps."

It may sound like a mouthful, but Green is no stranger to local causes that get people out of their cars.

In 2001, he co-founded the No Wider I-64 coalition that lobbied against the widening of the interstate through Cherokee Park. According to his official bio, he considers the implementation of a public transportation plan a higher priority than the Ohio River Bridges Project. He criticizes the 8664 as "a distracting automotive infrastructure that delays the day Louisville begins to invest in a world class public transit system."

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