Jonathan Robertson was among the last of the Louisville mayoral candidates to launch his campaign.

As an IT consultant, Robertson's background is in the small business / private sector arena. The official bio posted on his campaign Web site cites this as one of his greatest strengths as a candidate, since Robertson "is new to the political arena and has no affiliation with any special interest groups."

He was born and raised in Louisville and currently lives in Jeffersontown. Robertson earned a B.S. in Business Administration in Finance degree from the University of Louisville.

"Robertson began his career in business as a real estate broker for Paul Semonin Company while in college, then was hired as a mortgage loan officer at Humphries and Associates once he finished his degree in finance," Robertson's Web site states. "After four years as a loan officer, the owner of the firm sold to a large bank and Robertson decided to start his own business as a computer IT specialist for small businesses. Robertson actively runs his business today, still helping small businesses benefit from his extensive expertise in technology."

A cornerstone of his campaign, according to the site, will be lowering taxes for Louisville residents.