I sat in a box on Derby Day the year Secretariat won. The finish line wire hooked to the front of the box. It was a glorious day, we took our jackets off and laid them on a chair and basked in the sun. Enter the Governor, along with Bob and Delores Hope. The press descended on us and made life unbearable. Standing on our chairs to get pictures, they were almost knocking over drinks, standing on our jackets and not even acknowledging our presence in our box. After a while, they left and we went back to enjoying our day and admiring the courtesy and good breeding of Bob Hope. Enter Princess Margaret and the press ritual began all over again… We finally just abandoned the box and sat in the horsemen's area. But Bob Hope was a gentleman through it all, refusing no one's request for autographs, even while the race was running. If only the media would have had the same consideration.