After forty-two consecutive Derbies, I obviously have many great Derby memories. Frankly tho, none is as strange as the one in 2005. I am going to tell you right now that some may read this and doubt it's authenticity. The great part of THAT is- you need only check the races on the '05 Derby Day card to see that it is true.

Since we have always gone to the races all day Thursday and Friday, we generally don't get to CD (on Derby Day) until after the 5ht race. By that time, I had made most of my Derby bets and (like many) I believed that Bellamy Road would be hard to beat. It is about twenty minutes til post time and I suddenly noticed something that had occurred in the last few races (since we had arrived). The #5 horse won the 5th Race- #6 won the 6th race (#7 was nowhere in the 7th) BUT #8 won the 8th race and yest, #9 horse DID win the 9th race. The 10th race, of course, is the Derby. I had time- so I went down and put $10 on #10 to win the 10th race.

Bellamy Road ran 7th--- but #10 DID win--- and his name was Giacomo ---- ($102.60)---- J J J

We appreciate you- and EVERYTHING you do to keep ---- OUR Derby.