We all want to keep our electric bills from spinning out of control, so more energy efficient products are hitting the market place.

At the annual Home, Garden and Remodeling Show this weekend at the Expo Center, you can find some of the most energy efficient products and appliances on the market. Jim Klausing is showing one of the products his company, Transitions, Inc., installs.

"It's an attic fan that's solar powered, he says, "designed to keep your attic cool without using any electricity."

Energy Star appliances are those that meet government standards for energy efficiency. They include dishwashers, refrigerators, washers and hot water heaters. Joe Dumstorf of the Trend Company, an appliance retailer, says E-Star products always have cost more than conventional products, but that is slowly starting to change. He says, "E-Star is becoming more affordable, a lot of different products now cost the same as the old ones."

The government has been saying it wants to help consumers purchase more energy efficient products. So around Earth Day in April, states will begin a rebate program similar to last summer's Cash for Clunkers. But Dumstorf says the amount of the rebate won't be anywhere near the amount that consumers got for cars and trucks. "You are probably going to be talking anywhere from $50 to $150, depending upon what you are purchasing," he says.

To be eligible, consumers have to purchase an E-Star to replace an old less energy efficient one.