Jewish Hospital has added a new unit designed for patients at low risk of cardiac arrest.  The Chest Pain Observation Unit holds patients for up to 24 hours.  After that, they are either discharged or admitted.

The unit's goal is to quickly identify which low-risk chest pain patients need to be evaluated more.  Doctors' orders will be fast-tracked and those patients will receive priority in diagnosing heart disease. 

"This new center will allow us to improve the quality and efficiency of care for patients with chest pains who are at low risk for a heart attack," said Dr. Steven J. Raible, M.D. with Louisville Heart Specialists, Jewish Physicians Group and Chair of the Cardiovascular Service Line at Jewish Hospital. "The patients will have a comfortable place to rest while we work to determine whether the patient needs further inpatient evaluation and recommendations for subsequent management."

Patients will not be discharged until their chest pain has eased, vital signs are stable, and other tests show the patient did not have a heart attack.

One goal is to reduce unnecessary admissions and reduce costs.