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Mayoral candidate: Connie Marshall


By Bennett Haeberle WDRB-TV Fox 41 News

Democrat Connie Marshall says she's been the victim of electro-magnetic assaults, gang stalking and mind control.

It's an issue she takes very seriously and part of what she says motivated her to become a mayoral candidate. As our interview began, Marshall would not answer questions before turning off her phone.

"I always take my batteries out because I'm tracked on my phone," said Marshall.

She claims she is the victim of phone taps after she was placed on "a list" that's run by corrupt government officials.

Since 2003, Marshall has filed numerous lawsuits against the city of Louisville and other public officials, including judges, attorneys and police officers for failing to provide her with help.

"Anything I send out of state just like my phone calls, my mail, things like that. They get intercepted illegally," she said. "Once you get on this so-called list, then they start intercepting mail."

One of her lawsuits claims her DVD player was intercepted and that she was harassed by police officers. The suit later claims a telephone call made her head hurt. Another lawsuit seeks $40 million in damages from government officials who failed to offer "assistance."

"All of those things led me to run for mayor because every office is covering up for every office. That's how I have so many lawsuits," she said during a 20-minute interview recently with Fox 41 News.

BH: "How do you prove that to the voter and convince them that this lady is not talking crazy?

CM: There are too many victims. they would like you to think that. They would love you to think that."

The former Tina Turner impersonator is now unemployed. She says, if elected, she would stick to her budget and avoid messes like giving forgivable loans to the Cordish Company.

"I am spiritually based. I'm not tied to any special interest. And I believe in honesty, integrity and diversity. And that's what's lacking here. I have a backbone and I'm not for sale."

This is just one in a series of interviews Fox 41's Bennett Haeberle has conducted with those vying to become Louisville's next mayor. Stay tuned to Fox 41 News and for updates and extended interviews.

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