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The Bizarro World of Kentucky Schools (3/23/10)

The Bizarro World of Kentucky Schools (3/23/10) 

Imagine a business where the employees got to select their own boss.  No matter whom the CEO believed to be the smartest, most qualified person, the final say would be up to a committee of employees.  Even supervisors fired for incompetence could be hired back by the employees and their decision would be final.  But the CEO would still be held accountable for that person's success or failure.

Sounds upside-down, doesn't it?

Well, that's exactly how it works in Kentucky schools. Thanks to an outmoded state law, system superintendents don‘t get to choose their own principals.  Instead, that's done completely by school-based decision-making councils -- which are largely dominated by the very teachers who would answer to the person hired. And that, to me, is completely nuts. 

A bill now going through the legislature would revise this procedure a bit more sensibly.  House Bill 239 would allow a Superintendent to recommend three people for an open principal's position, and the school-based council would have to choose one of them within 15 days.  If they can't, the Superintendent gets to make the final decision. 

But even though that's a mild compromise at best, the teachers unions are still fighting it. 

Our state legislators need to stand up for the children of the Commonwealth and do the right thing for them, even if the unions are opposed.

I'm Bill Lamb…and that's my Point of View.

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