Guest Editorial – Census  - Benjamin A. Johnson (3/26/10)

Hey Louisville it's Census time!

Hopefully you've already received your Census form in the mail.  My bigger hope is that you have already filled it out and mailed it back.  Why?  That's simple -- it's safe, easy and important.

Safe, because your information is protected by Federal law.  All Census Bureau employees take an oath to keep the information confidential or risk fines and prison time.

Easy, because everybody gets the short form with no more than ten questions for anybody in the house.  And we are not asking for any financial information or social security numbers.

Important, because not only has the Census been conducted every ten years since 1790 as required by the Constitution, over $400 billion is allocated every year by the Federal government based on Census numbers.  Roads, schools, health care facilities, senior centers, entertainment venues and job opportunities are just a few of the things affected everyday by the Census count.  A bad count equals bad planning for ten years, because the next Census won't take place until 2020.

I enjoy the NCAA Tournament as much as anybody, but do you want to know the real definition of March Madness?  Spending more time filling out a tournament bracket than you're willing to spend filling out your Census form.  Help our entire community win, return your Census form today.

I'm Ben Johnson, and that's my…Point of View.