posted by Stephan Johnson

A fifth person has been indicted in the murder of an unidentified Hispanic man. 

This week, the grand jury indicted 15-year-old DeVan Peterson.  The other suspects charged in the case include: Johnathon Downs, Keith Fowler Jr., Cedrick Johnson and Ashley Marshall.  All five are charged with murder, robbery and tampering with physical evidence.

It happened in the Preston Oaks apartments in December of last year. Now police need help identifying the victim. 

"Anybody that has information that they think would be closely involved with the photograph that they see, please call us," said Sgt. Denny Butler with Louisville Metro Police.

Meanwhile, prosecutors are moving forward with the case despite not having the identity of the victim. 

"It's a human being who was killed and we know he was killed and we know they killed him. Not knowing the name of the person does not preclude us from indicting an individual," said Lisa Cartier-Giroux, assistant commonwealth attorney.

All five suspects are scheduled to be back in court later this month.  If you know the suspect or have any information about who he is, please call the anonymous police tip line at 574-LMPD.