If you're not already a boss, imagine for a moment that you are.  Imagine that you have several projects you need accomplished by a certain date.  A group of workers approach you and offer to accomplish those tasks for you.  You all agree and off to work they go. 

But at the end of the allotted time period, even though you have paid the workers, not all the tasks are completed.  You approach the spokesperson for the workers and demand to know why the work hasn't been completed as agreed.  His response to you is, "Well, we got to arguing and fighting and everyone wanted to be in charge and we just didn't get around to doing the work we agreed to do."

Sensing your discomfort with that explanation he then says, "I'll tell you what: We'll just come back later and do it.  But you'll have to pay us overtime." 

How long do you think you'd put up with that nonsense if you were that boss? 

See…the thing is…you are that boss.  And those lousy workers are the State Legislators you hired to go to Frankfort to work for you.  Now you have to pay them $60,000 a day extra to finish the work you've already paid them to do. 

They've got you over a barrel now, but if you're a smart boss you will remember this in November.  

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I'm Bill Lamb…and that's my Point of View.