Horrific accusations of dog abuse including claims an owner killed animals, and let dogs feed off the carcasses.

The pictures of alleged dog abuse are so horrific we can't show you all the images. This man, who we'll call Bob, claims he took the photos this week on Greg Rigdon's property in Hart County. He describes what he saw.

"Dogs lying around dead. There's two behind the shed and one in front of the dog kennel that was freshly killed Sunday and the other beagles ate this beagle," says Bob.

He also claims Rigdon abused dogs on hunting trips.

"I've seen him choke them down so bad, coon hunting, they wouldn't lead. He'd choke them down so bad he'd have to carry them out of the woods after he gets them choked down," says Bob.

When asked if it was dead, Bob said the dog was on his last leg.

Bob says he's worried about retaliation for speaking out. In fact, before our interview, he and another anonymous witness ran when they saw Rigdon's car following our Fox 41 crew.

One woman, who we identify as Pat, claims she saw Rigdon kill a dog.

"The dogs were fighting and he got upset and he pulled it out and beat it. As he was pulling it out, it was dead when he pulled it out," says Pat.

Pat says there have been 8-10 dead dogs on the property. "It was severe. Nothing, no feet were left. No paws or anything left on the feet. The guts were cut out."

Bob and Pat say Rigdon has about 80 dogs at his Bonnieville home with breeds that include coon hounds, beagle hounds, and elk hounds. You can hear the dogs barking through the phone when we called Rigdon. He says he trades dogs and denies accusations that he's harmed his animals.

"Nobody has seen me kill a dog because I've never killed a dog," says Rigdon.

A State Trooper off camera said Kentucky State Police have been to Rigdon's residence and they saw no signs of animal abuse. We tried to check reports Tuesday, but the records office was already closed.