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Greg Stumbo – Just Say "No" (4/29/10)

From all reports, it's pretty clear Kentucky's Speaker of the House, Greg Stumbo, is considering a run for governor next year. 

And I don't know whether to describe that possibility as absurd or terrifying. 

Make no mistake – Stumbo possesses the necessary combination of viciousness and an unbridled lust for power to make him a formidable candidate if he decides to run. From what I've seen, if he were trapped in a snowbound cabin without firewood, he wouldn't hesitate to throw his own mother on the hearth to survive. 

But a qualified candidate, capable of leading effectively? 

Not a chance. 

How disingenuous does a person have to be to claim that just after a fishing trip with one of his biggest political contributors – road contractor Leonard Lawson –  he "can't remember" whether they discussed a possible campaign?  Can a lie be any more obvious? 

Stumbo is one of the major contributors to the current dismal state of Kentucky politics. Happy to overindulge his personal ego at every opportunity, his concern for the welfare of actual Kentuckians is virtually non-existent. And the thought of him actually moving into the Governor's Mansion makes my blood run cold. 

Giving even more power to a strong-arm artist like Greg Stumbo would spell disaster for the Bluegrass State. And if he asks next year, we should just say "No way."

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my…Point of View.

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