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Cut the Courier Some Slack (5/6/10)

It's no secret I seldom agree with many of the Courier-Journal's editorial positions. And it's impossible to escape the irony of them running an article about the health of the Courier on the very day they were unable to deliver the news sections of their own paper. But the vitriolic gripes of some who were inconvenienced Sunday morning are simply petty and irrational.


The Courier certainly didn't want this to happen the day after Derby. But any technical production process as massive as the printing of a daily newspaper can sometimes be disrupted by unanticipated physical breakdowns, and when it is, it's by no means evidence of anyone's error or indifference. I'm certain the C-J staff worked harder that day to get the problem fixed than most people will ever know.


As for those who complained that papers should have been delivered to their homes on Sunday afternoon once they were printed, well, that would have been impossible. Carriers – who are independent contractors -- were simply unavailable until the following morning.


Newspapers – and TV stations and cable companies – do everything in their power to serve their audiences perfectly. But whenever people and machines are involved, stuff is occasionally going to go wrong.  That's life.


Taking it personally and hurling insults accomplishes nothing and, honestly, says much more about the complainers than the object of their scorn.


I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my…Point of View.

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