It's Jobs Week here on Fox 41, and the sluggish economy has people from all walks of life and all ages looking for jobs, including older adults. 

The Jewish Family and Career Services Center has seen a large increase in the number of elderly workers looking for job assistance over the past year.  Many are workers who recently retired but are needing to re-enter the workforce to supplement their income.

But the challenge is knowing how and where to look for jobs using new technology.  Job seeker Jerry Epstein admits, "I don't know how to. I haven't had to in umpteen years, so it's learning all the new technology, the computer."

Career specialist Laura Hall points out, "They may not have done a job search for the past twenty, thirty years, they don't know how to put together a resume, they might not be familiar using a computer, using the Internet for the job search, so they have to go back to the basics."

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