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Making HD Perfectly Clear (5/27/10)

Someone asked me recently, "Now that Fox 41 News is in full HD, what's been your biggest surprise?"

I think it's been learning how many people have HD sets but aren't getting an HD picture.  We've received several emails saying "I've finally gotten an HD set but HD just isn't that big of a deal." 

I didn't understand that because if you're getting a true HD picture, it is a big deal. There had to be an explanation, and after we contacted several of these people we found that -- for many reasons – most who thought they were watching HD actually weren't. 

Some, out of habit, were still watching us on Insight channel 9 instead of 910.  Nine isn't in HD.  Nine ten is the HD channel.  My in-laws bought two HD sets but didn't want to pay the extra monthly fee for the HD tier.  And some people simply don't have their sets hooked up correctly.

You should also know your HD TV can get a beautiful picture free over the air – without satellite or cable.  In our case, just hooking up rabbit ears and tuning to channel 41.1 on your HD set will provide the best TV picture you've ever seen.

We've made a huge investment in enhancing your viewing experience tremendously. So if you have an HD TV, please make sure you're actually seeing what you've paid for. You owe it to yourself.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my…Point of View.

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