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Point of View - Eight Years Later (6/1/2010)

We've been doing Point of View editorials at Fox 41 for eight years now.  That's more than 850 original editorials and more than 150 guest editorials.  We've even had close to 100 viewer feedback pieces. 

As we told you when we began doing this, the purpose of Point of View isn't to get everyone to agree with me.  If that were my goal I would pick easy topics like mom and apple pie and the soap box derby.  No, the purpose is to get discussion going, to get us all talking about the issues and people that affect our lives rather than just allowing ourselves to be led by the nose.  It is to hold our leaders accountable and to remind them that we're all watching.

The purpose of Point of View is to highlight the values we as a society hold dear and to remind us that even complicated issues can usually be boiled down to very basic rules of right or wrong that were taught to us by our parents and grandparents.  Point of View has even tried to offer some balance to the very liberal editorials in the Courier-Journal. 

The question I pose to you today is this:  Is Point of View succeeding?  Is it fostering discussion?  Is it something that brings value to you as you watch Fox 41 News?  Call us and tell us how we're doing.

I'm Bill Lamb…and that my Point of View.

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