Steven Paalz and his wife bought their dream home on Old Henry Road 13 years ago. But because of a surveyor's error when the home was originally built in the late ‘70s, about half the structure actually rests on property owned by Metro Government. 

And now, the city is demanding that the couple turn over the house or buy it – a second time -- for $96,000. 

This is preposterous – especially since the surveyor who made the initial error wasn't the only one who blundered. The mistake also flew right past the Planning Commission when it signed off on the original deal, as well as the city's Permits department, which gave the green light for construction in the first place. 

As a matter of fact, it seems about the only people involved in this whole mess who did everything right were the Paalzes! So why are they the ones being pressured to make everything right? 

It's great to try to balance the city budget, but doing it on the backs of responsible citizens who have done nothing wrong is unconscionable. Through its indifferent oversight and inaction, Metro Government gave up any moral claim to this land long ago. The city should learn from its mistake and leave the Paalzes alone. 

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I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my…Point of View.