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Getting at the Root of Illegal Immigration (7/1/10)

Legal immigration has always been one of America's greatest strengths. But the current flood of illegal immigrants – who are overburdening our health and social support systems while paying few or no taxes – poses one of the greatest threats our economy has ever faced. And that has to stop. 

We can – and should -- continue to build fences and beef up law enforcement. But measures aimed solely at the people who are coming here illegally will never succeed by themselves. It's vital that we also go after those who provide the attraction that brings them here in the first place – the people and companies who hire them.

We need laws that guarantee severe penalties for anyone caught employing illegal immigrants -- whether they're huge corporations or individuals who just want a cheap housekeeper. They need to know that the cost of getting caught will far outweigh any profit they might hope to gain. And they need to understand that they will be caught. 

Hoping to stem the tide of illegal immigrants without eliminating the lure of ready jobs is like trying to rid your home of mice while leaving that big hunk of cheese in the middle of the living room floor. 

Until we're willing to treat employers who skirt immigration laws as the criminals they are, we'll only be doing half the job. And as everyone knows, half a fence keeps no one out. 

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my…Point of View.

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