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Rand Paul talks term limits, oil spill at TEA Party rally


SHEPHERDSVILLE, Ky.  (WDRB Fox 41 News) -- Rand Paul preaches term limits for Washington lawmakers.

But he would not say directly if he'll abide by them during a Shepherdsville appearance Thursday night.

Republican Rand Paul wants to be Kentucky's next U.S. senator.  He faces Democrat Jack Conway in November.

Paul is seemingly less candid since his primary win -- and the national criticism over his views.

"We need to present and articulate our message, continue to gather, and we will be a presence, and we will be heard," Paul said.

Paul echoed the thoughts of some 300 TEA Party supporters in the city park in Shepherdsville.

Preserving second amendment rights, limiting government regulations, especially over business, and calling for term limits are all part of the platform.

"We need to limit our terms. They aren't listening to us anyway.  Let's bring them on home," Paul said.

Paul called for term limits in his speech, a standard part of the TEA Party beliefs.  Reporters tried to ask Paul if he would agree to such limits -- but Paul and his handlers headed for the car quickly after his speech.

Later, a rally organizer said Paul had to leave for another engagement.

His criticism of the Obama administration's slow response to the oil spill -- and initial refusal to accept foreign governments' help also resonated with the crowd.

Supporters say they're part of a growing movement that has rediscovered the Constitution -- and must stand up to what they believe to be power-hungry, arrogant and overly-confident liberals.

"For me it's really the accountability the TEA Party kind of pushes is the big thing for me that's kind of struck a cord with me. We feel all taxpayers, especially business owners, people are deaf to anything that's going on," said New Albany, Ind., business owner Eric Lozier.

"A lot of people, especially people my age and a bit older, realize they have been away from the education about civics for so long that there's a really big move to re-educate ourselves," said event emcee and WHAS radio talk show host Mandy Connell.

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