A jury has been seated in the Karen Sypher extortion trial.

They began with 36 potential jurors selected from the larger jury pool, striking any they deemed unfit to serve.  When that process was over, the actual makeup of the jury was decided by a random drawing, with sixteen selected -- eight women and eight men. 

Judge Charles Simpson thanked those not selected for their service.  Fox 41 News spoke with two of those who weren't selected and they described the process as tedious but said they were disappointed that they were not picked.

The judge admonished those who were selected as jurors not to discuss the case among themselves or with anyone else.  He told them if anyone insisted upon talking to them about the case, that person should be reported to the court.  The jurors were also told not to read or view news coverage of the case. 

Jurors were also cautioned not to discuss the case on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace.

Trial is set to begin on July 26th.

On Tuesday, Sypher's attorney said he wanted to strike the entire panel of potential jurors, claiming 60 percent of them have formed opinions about his client.

Judge Simpson said the motion needed to be submitted in writing.  Sypher's attorney James Earhart has until midnight Wednesday to make that submission.