Democrats on Capitol Hill want to extend jobless benefits by six months, at a cost of 34 billion dollars.  Like many Democrats, John Yarmuth wants to add the cost to the deficit.

Republicans, including Mitch McConnell, are blocking the measure until spending is cut somewhere else so we don't add to the deficit.

I agree with the Democrats that we need to extend these jobless benefits as soon as possible to those who qualify for them.  But the Republicans are right that we can't keep adding to this deficit.  We have to cut something else and then we can pay these unemployment benefits. 

Mr. Yarmuth demonstrated the reasoning of a pure Nancy Pelosi Democrat when he said on WFPL's State of Affairs, "If we don't act soon, within a couple weeks, 125 thousand people in Kentucky will have lost their unemployment benefits. At roughly a thousand dollars a month per person, that's 125 million dollars that will not be spent in the Kentucky economy per month."  His thinking is so flawed that a kid sleeping through half of a ninth grade economics class could pick that statement apart.

We cannot fuel our economy indefinitely with taxpayer dollars.  We can't keep printing money and going deeper into debt without there being terrible ramifications for the future of this country.  The Republicans are right on this issue.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my…Point of View.