COLUMBUS, Ind. (WDRB Fox 41) -- More and more airlines are charging for the food they serve on flights.

But in Bernson's Corner -- you'll find a place where, amazingly enough, your lunch flies for free.

There's nothing really special about the cheeseburgers at a modest six-booth restaurant in Columbus Indiana.  The owner, Bill Haigerty, grilled the burgers earlier, keeps them warm in a soup pot, then nukes them in the microwave oven.

But if you had read the sign outside, you would know what you're in for at Bill's place: it's called the Flying Cheeseburger.

The sign on the wall is also modest -- "I won't say the best, but good as the rest." But you'll find  no menu at the Flying Cheeseburger.  Everyone seems to know you can get a burger dressed any way you like, or a limited number of sandwiches, which also fly across the room.

Haigerty says he doesn't throw the sandwiches any differently from the way he throws the cheeseburgers?  He says, "no, they both come the same way, same speed.  --Thought maybe you had a fastball and a change-up.  --No, no, no, no.  I just know -- straight down the middle."

Out in the front room, right next to the refrigerator, there is a model of a flying cheeseburger, made by one of Bill's customers.  But it's nothing like the real thing

The tradition began when Bill opened his first one-man restaurant.  He explains, that "over at the other place, I had a long throw over there.  Had two picnic tables, it was a long ways, couldn't get no arc to 'em.  They had to go just like a bullet."

And it doesn't help that he works solo.  "I'm the only one here.  And it takes time to deliver 'em.  So I just started throwin' 'em."

Throwin' 'em's a lot easier than goin' takin' each one over there."

Customer Rick Walter says sometimes the burgers are delivered by surprise. "He throws 'em when I'm not lookin'! Well, one time he threw it -- and it landed on my head, and I caught it up there!"

And Haigerty admits, he's not a perfect shot. "I've hit a few in the head in 29 years.  Just about five, really." 

At the age of 77, Bill is in his prime as a food-flinger.  And that's one reason a steady stream of burger receivers keeps him pretty busy.  "Not as busy as I'd like it should be, but I'm payin' the bills," says Haigerty

From Columbus Indiana -- Barry Bernson, Fox41 News.