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Conway and Paul go head to head


By: Rachel Collier -

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB Fox 41)--Senate candidates Jack Conway and Rand Paul went head-to-head on Thursday.

There were attacks from each side, but one of the big topics was farm subsidies. Recently Rand Paul said he wants to do away with them, which some think is bad timing since the forum was held by the Kentucky Farm Bureau.

"Look, we have a two trillion dollar deficit," Paul told the Kentucky Farm Bureau board members. "400 billion dollars in interest. When Jack says he'll give you whatever you want, that's the easy thing to do. I could come up here and do that and say, 'What do you want, I'll give it to you?'  The problem is, where does the money come from?"

The fighting between Rand Paul and Jack Conway did not end there. "My opponent has stated unequivocally for the record that he wants to do away with the USDA and he wants to end farm subsidies," said Conway.

Paul says he will not do away with the USDA, but does think farm subsidies need to go. "The top three recipients of subsidies last year got almost a billion dollars," said Paul. "We're spending a billion dollars for people not to grow crops."

But Conway disagrees, saying farmers still need the help. "As all of you know, one really bad season, one drought, one devastating year, without some assistance, some notion that you can pick up and move on to the next growing season, that can be devastating," said Conway.

The two also talked on issues outside of agriculture, and cleared up what they stood for. "I am absolutely opposed to cap and trade, always have been. Now, my opponent was for it before he was against it," said Paul. But Conway came back at him, "Let me state for you unequivocally right here, I am against cap and trade, I am against cap and trade."

Paul claims Conway is running as a moderate Democrat to win over Republican votes, but says it is not fooling him. "When you get to Washington the first vote you get to take is over who's going to be the leader. Where do you think all these bad ideas are coming from? Harry Reid and the liberal Democrats. So is Jack going to go up there and vote against Harry Reid? I don't think so. I'm going to go up there and vote for Mitch McConnell."

"You're talking a lot about who I would vote for as leader of the Democratic caucus," Conway said as he came back at Paul. "And, you know, that falls into the measuring of the grapes category and I'm not really going to talk about that, but I'm glad you cleared up the fact that you will vote for Mitch McConnell, that's been in some doubt for a while now."

The two are in a bitter battle to fill retiring U.S. Senator Jim Bunning's seat. The latest Rasmussen poll shows Paul ahead only slightly over Conway.

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