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No Texting While Driving Law is Like No Law At All (7/22/10)

The Kentucky Legislature had an opportunity to pass a good law prohibiting reading or sending text messages while driving. But as so often happens with them, they came up way short.  

Oh, they passed the law – it's now illegal – but the penalties are insignificant. 

First of all, you'll only get a warning between now and January 1.  Why not just a stern look?  Too tough?  How about a melancholy look of disappointment from the police officer?  I think if the law goes into effect now, the penalties should go into effect now. 

Secondly, how about those penalties?  If you're cited for driver inattention while texting, the fine for endangering your life and the lives of others is only $25.  If you get caught a second time the fine jumps all the way up to $50.  Big-whoop-dee-do.  

How about a meaningful fine of $500? And if you're caught a second time, $1,000 and a six-month suspension of your license? 

The insurance industry has determined that cell phone use while driving can impair an individual as much as being legally drunk -- and texting is even more distracting.  Kentucky State Police believe that 45% of all accidents are due to driver inattention.  So I feel the Kentucky Legislature failed us again because a weak law with no teeth is almost the same as no law at all. 

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my…Point of View.

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