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Bus Riding 101: getting to and from school safely


Before the bell rings for the first day of school, children have to get there. And for many, the school year really begins at the bus stop.

In a School Smarts report, Barry Bernson explains the best way to help students get from "point A" to "point B."  It's something he likes to call "Bus Riding 101."

Larry Landberg has spent years training bus drivers for the New Albany-Floyd County schools.  He says, "One of the number-one things is, you gotta pay attention 100 percent.

Landberg explains, that "There's a lot more traffic, lot more hazards, lot more things we gotta pay attention to.  The students -- if you can't control them, you got to pull over and discipline, but you can't do both."

The biggest mistake new school bus drivers make, says Landberg, is rushing to stay on time for pickups and deliveries of students.

"There is a time limit on when you're supposed to be there, but safety overrides time," he says.

The high seat backs are for safety.  The video cameras are for safety.  But riding a school bus can be kind of scary to a child who's doing it for the first time.   So we asked transportation director Danny Libs for a quick course in Bus Riding 101.

He says there are five things to remember:

Get there early:  Libs says you should be at the stop five minutes prior to the bus, so you don't have to run to the stop.'

Stay seated:   Everyone should stay seated all during the run -- face forward so our seat compartmentalization works -- if the bus hits a bump or something, that's very key that students stay seated."

Shhhh!:  Be quiet, so driver can hear any emergency vehicles.  If the driver has to come to a railroad track, make sure you're quiet and let the driver can check for noise and anything like that."

Careful exiting: Getting off the bus, students should hold the rail as they exit, make sure coats, book bags, backpacks doesn't get caught in anything, so there is no danger of falling under the bus.

Avoid danger zones: Student should also walk 15 feet out in front of the bus, and never behind the bus.

And one more thing: if you leave something on the bus -- don't return to get it.  The driver may not see you coming back and begin moving the bus.


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