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Transitioning from high school to college


The freshman year of college can be an exciting yet stressful transition for students.

But in this School Smarts reports we learn the reason so many 18-year-olds seem to get lost in the shuffle.

Fox 41's Lindsay Allen has the top five things College Freshmen should know before moving into the dorm.  

Rachel Ison is an incoming freshman.  She has some very basic concerns. "Is everyone going to like me. Am I going to like everyone else?"

They are the sorts of things that give these soon to be college freshman butterflies. But it's not always easy for parents either.

Rachel's dad, Tim Ison, says "I do want her to get the college experience.--not the party hard part."

University of Louisville Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions- Alyssa Murphy- says she see's it all the time.  Even on a small campus its easy for students to slip through the cracks.

Murphy says it's time to grow up.  "For the first time they have total responsibility for the rules," she says.

Success isn't guaranteed, but it is possible. 

So Rule Number 1: starts literally in the classroom. You actually have to go to class.

Murphy says, "The challenge for incoming students-going to class and no one taking attendance. So deciding I am going to go to class today that is my priority."

Rule Number 2: Study

"I can't tell you the number of incoming students who tell me I didn't have to study and I did great. That plan is not going to work in college., Murphy warns.

Rule number 3: Sleep

Murphy says it's tempting to skip the sack time. "That sleep component, when you're new to a college campus, you absolutely want to be up all night all day so you don't miss anything of that college experience," But you might miss the Deans list.

Which brings us to rule number 4: It's all about balance--even at the cafeteria.

Murphy says, "It's really easy to eat anything they want to eat when ever they want to eat it."

And rule number 5: Get Involved.

Take time to join a sport, take part in a hobby or explore an academic interest. Murphy says students need to find one thing that they can connect with other students in an area that interests them

As for Rachel, she is waiting for her first real day on the U of L campus.  She says, "It's exciting but it's also nerve racking at the same time."

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