I know our legal system doesn't always make judgments based on common sense. But Federal Judge Susan Bolton's ruling last week against much of Arizona's new immigration law has me even more baffled than usual. 

Contrary to the beliefs of many, the Arizona law does not declare open season on anyone who merely looks Hispanic. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer made it clear that racial and ethnic profiling would not be tolerated and pledged to make sure police understand the rules. 

But some people will always confuse any legitimate authority with a "police state" – usually because that authority inconveniently interferes with their own illegal actions. And sadly, Judge Bolton sided with them. 

Why shouldn't citizens be required to produce documentation of their legal status when dealing with the police? If I should be pulled over, I'd better have my driver's license. What's the difference? 

The judge said officials can't even check the immigration status of anyone in custody in Arizona because that would be unreasonable detention.

Unreasonable detention? They're already in jail!  

No law is perfect. But while those who oppose Arizona's law are obsessed with every tiny flaw in the solution, they seem to care not at all about the real and serious problem it was designed to solve. And I think they're making a huge mistake. 

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I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my…Point of View.