Time to share a few more Darts and Laurels. 

A big Laurel goes to Steve Sexton and everyone at Churchill Downs for the great job they did producing the HullabaLOU music festival last month. Filling three straight days with over 60 acts on five different stages would be a daunting assignment for anyone. But the folks at Churchill did it in high style in their very first year.  This is one event that I definitely hope gets an encore in 2011. 

But a Dart goes to whoever decided to send ten million dollars in U.S. humanitarian aid to Pakistan – a country that's actively giving aid and comfort to the Taliban and jeopardizing our soldiers' lives in Afghanistan.

Yes, the country was recently hit by terrible flooding. But if we're determined to send them aid for their flood, I think we should only consider matching what they sent our way when Katrina hit a few years back - which I believe was ZERO! 

And finally, a Laurel to the Louisville Bats for their big recent turnaround. A month ago, they looked like a team going nowhere. But after a record-breaking July, they have a great shot at making the playoffs for a third straight year. And that's a nice bonus on top of the family-friendly fun they serve up every summer. 

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my…Point of View.