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No Idle = No Sense (8/10/10)

As they prepare to begin a new school year, the Jefferson County Public School System is reminding parents about its new "No Idle" initiative. Basically, it says that parents who come to pick up their kids from school won't be allowed to keep their cars idling while waiting. According to the school system, turning off gas engines is expected to improve air quality. 

This, from a school system that needlessly burns thousands of gallons of fuel every week transporting children dozens of miles away from their neighborhood schools? 

Tell me they're kidding. 

Let me say this – I'm all for reducing fuel consumption and air pollution. And letting your car idle for no good reason should be discouraged. 

But when it's 98 degrees out – or 17 degrees, for that matter – things like air conditioners and heaters become pretty important. And those things don't operate without the motor running. 

And really – what pollutes more? Thirty cars idling for maybe five minutes to pick up thirty kids? Or a huge bus dragging thirty other kids halfway across the county twice a day? 

If JCPS really wants to reduce air pollution, they need to get back to a plan that assigns kids to their neighborhood schools. Until they do that, expecting parents to obey this "No Idle" initiative is a little insulting to everyone's intelligence. 

But what do you think? Call and let us know. 

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my…Point of View.

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