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The New York Mosque – A Right That isn't Right (8/17/10)

The New York Mosque – A Right That isn't Right (8/17/10) 

By now, everyone in America is aware of President Obama's statement affirming the right of Muslims to build a mosque in the shadow of New York's Ground Zero. But while they may indeed have that right, it's still ill-advised.

Even accepting the Muslim claims that the mosque is intended as a symbol of peace, how tone-deaf and insensitive do they have to be to think it'll be accepted in that spirit? What point is being made by locating this painful reminder of the tragedy of 9/11 in such a provocative location?

As an olive branch, this is one idea that functions a lot more like a baseball bat.

But the even bigger question is -- why did President Obama feel the need to make things even worse by making his Friday night statement? In voluntarily weighing in on the issue, he needlessly elevated what had been a mostly local issue to a national firestorm of controversy. And even his fellow Democrats appear frustrated beyond belief that he couldn't just leave well enough alone.

The Muslims do have the right to build that mosque if they wish. But that doesn't make it right. And President Obama had no obligation to offer moral support for what most Americans – including me – will always view as a deliberate attempt to fan the flames of hatred even more.

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