In a cost-saving move, Governor Steve Beshear plans to furlough state workers for six days during the current fiscal year. But a group of employees has taken the issue to court, claiming it would jeopardize public safety and harm Kentucky citizens who need access to the services they provide. 

I certainly understand anyone's reluctance to give up six days of pay. But I'm with the governor on this one. 

According to estimates, the furlough plan will save the state 24 million dollars. While that won't provide all the money we need to balance our budget, it's a needed step in the right direction. And, most importantly, it allows everyone to share the burden equally instead of eliminating jobs, which no one wants in these tough times.

The employees are correct in saying this will cause some irritation and inconvenience for their clients. But they're not exempt from sacrifice, either.

We can only afford to offer services to the extent we can pay for them, and if that balance breaks down, it won't be long before the services end completely. 

Furloughs aren't a happy solution. But they are a solution. And as long as everyone's ox is gored – instead of only a select few – the chances are much greater that everyone's employment will be much more secure in the future. 

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I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my…Point of View.