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Guest Editorial – Green Should Be Included (9/2/10)

Every certified candidate for Mayor of Louisville should absolutely be included in all public, pre-planned debates or forums.

This issue revolves around the exclusion of Independent candidate Jackie Green on the basis that he's an under-funded underdog.

The system already favors Democrats and Republicans with access to big party machinery and boatloads of money.  It favors the richest politicians who can buy the most advertising.  To exclude less-advantaged, independent candidates from free speech forums only heightens the growing, corrupting influence of money in politics.

Both major-party nominees favor a multi-billion dollar obsolete Ohio River bridges project that guarantees greater oil dependency, the loss of farmland, and fewer resources for existing neighborhoods. Jackie Green shares the vision of urban planners and innovative cities that champion public transit to meet the needs of an evolving population and generations of clean-energy consumers.

He provides a green alternative to two shades of gray.  Voters deserve a choice greater than concrete or cement, and Jackie Green deserves to be heard on the strength of his ideas, not his wealth.

To exclude thoughtful, forward-looking candidates because they can't pay enough to play only diminishes our democracy. And it deprives voters of choices and voices -- and hope that underdogs like them can have their say – and maybe even their day.

I'm Tyler Hess, and that's my…Point of View.

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