For sheer audacity, it's hard to beat the Jefferson County School Board's recent decision to raise Jefferson County property taxes by 4% -- the maximum increase they could impose without putting the question to a public vote. 

The Board says it needs the extra money because declining property values have reduced the revenue available to our public schools.  In other words, sorry, but the schools need your money more than you do, so we'll take it because we can.  But before simply reaching deeper into our pockets, shouldn't the Board first be required to do what everyone else is being forced to do in these tough times – find ways to eliminate waste and perform essential services more economically? 

Let's face it – while JCPS has a lot to boast about, there's still plenty of inefficiency keeping it from achieving real greatness. And the amount of money the system stubbornly insists upon wasting every day to bus students dozens of miles away from their neighborhood schools is staggering. 

There's no question our public schools should be a top priority for everyone. But forcing citizens to simply hand over even more of their hard-earned cash with no reciprocal accountability is insulting and, frankly, lazy. 

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I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my…Point of View.