Louisville, Ky. (WDRB-TV Fox 41) -- A local grandmother's life savings are wiped out, and authorities say the person behind the crime was the victim's own relative. 

79-year-old Juanita Stone was living at Summerfield Nursing Home in Shively.  Detectives say her granddaughter Casey Jarvis stole $150,000 from her.  It's a type of crime victims are often reluctant to report because they don't want to turn in their loved one. 

"This is even worse than a burglar coming to your home that you don't know, that's ripping you off, because there's no personal connection between the burglar and the victim," says Det. John Fogle of the Crimes Against Seniors Unit. 

Fogle says Jarvis squandered the money for almost a year.  It started when she placed Stone in the nursing home. 

In September of 2008, staff noticed she was behind on payments and was about to evict her when they called Adult Protective Services, which called LMPD's Crimes Against Seniors Unit.  "She had access to the checking account," says Det. Fogle. "She sold her grandparents' home when they was placed into a nursing home."

Fogle says Casey Jarvis and her husband Aaron used the money to pay off debts: "They just spent it living 'way beyond their means.  They have nothing to show for it at all.  The house that they lived in is in disrepair and shabby."

Jarvis was sentenced Thursday to eight years in prison for defrauding her grandmother.  Fogle says Stone is still staying at Summerfield with the help of another granddaughter, but only has $40 a month after all her expenses are paid.  He said Stone was brave to come forward.  "There's a lot of elderly people are reluctant to press charges against a loved one.  And she felt like, that her granddaughter robbed her blind and betrayed her trust."

Det. Fogle says eight years is a very stiff sentence for Casey Jarvis.  As for her husband Aaron, he faces charges including theft and knowingly exploiting an adult.  He's out of jail pending sentencing.