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New bracelet creating craze


Reporter:  Jennifer Baileys -

LOUISVILLE, KY (WDRB, FOX41) - It's taking the sports and fitness world by storm.  Power Balance Bands are popping up everywhere.  People from famous athletes like John Wall to Louisville doctors like Kyle Dreisbach can even be spotted sporting the bands.

"About a month now," Dreisbach said.

He even wears a Power Balance Band on each wrist, but as a physician does he really think there's power in a bracelet?

"Yea I was skeptical," Dreisbach told Fox 41.

The doctor said after weeks of testing it out, he is a believer.

"I feel like I'm more stable, feel like I'm more balanced especially when I'm doing cardio," Dr. Dreisbach said.

"When you wear a magnet it balances everything out and makes it more reliable and then you have even balance on both sides of your body, you have more strength and increase in flexibility," said Jill Mazzoni, owner of the Muscle Monkey Cafe in the Westport Road Louisville Athletic Club.

The science behind the band is a magnet.  There's one on each side which Mazzoni said helps balance out the naturally occurring current in a body.  It's not a new idea, in fact magnets have been used for years to treat ailments like arthritis. 

Some would say the bands are just another way to make money and all in one's mind.

"I think just about anything has about a 40% placebo affect so 40% of people are going to get better anyways whether it's a sugar pill or a little plastic bracelet," said Louisville Doctor George Nobile.

"Even if it's all in your mind isn't it worth having your mind a little stronger to make your life better," said Mazzoni.

The only concern from Doctor Nobile is that the bands could cause an allergic reaction for some.

The bands are sold for around $30.

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