Louisville's long-awaited KFC YUM! Center is finally open for business. But while the arena is the finest ever built, a number of die hard pessimists continue to complain about every possible potential problem it might encounter -- even before opening night. 

Worse, it seems several of these Chicken Littles aren't just predicting but are actually hoping the arena will fail, just so they can say "I told you so." Most are people whose opinion of Downtown Louisville was shaped decades ago and haven't visited since, or who are so afraid of any kind of change they'd prefer to endure the outdated amenities, parking nightmares and scheduling disadvantages of Freedom Hall for another fifty years. 

Sure, there'll be new parking issues. But we'll soon settle into new routines that will be a huge improvement over the old ones. And the concerts announced so far make me optimistic that the building will get plenty of non-basketball business to be profitable. 

In any case – we're here now. And the time for negativity is past. Given the burst of development the arena has already spawned, even if you weren't an original supporter you have as much of a stake in seeing it succeed as its most enthusiastic backers. 

So let's all get on board this bus – or at least stop trying to slash its tires. 

What are your thoughts? Call and let us know. 

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my…Point of View.