LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB Fox 41) -- He may be leaving office soon, but that's not stopping Metro Mayor Jerry Abramson from staying healthy and preaching the benefits to the rest of the city.

Hundreds came out to the Jefferson Memorial Forest, for the Mayor's Sixth Annual Healthy Hometown Hike. The goal is to help people realIze how special the 6,000 acres at the forest are, with the hiking trails, horseback riding, fishing and natural areas.

"This is the place to hang out, camping is here and available, so this gives folks the opportunity, we entice them out with a tee-shirt, a long sleeve tee-shirt, that we give away for free. For this hike in the fall, we do it while the leaves are changing, to give people the appreciation for the beauty of this area," said Jerry Abramson, Metro Mayor.

The mayor who's running for Lieutenant Governor in the election, says he's hoping the next mayor will continue this tradition, teaching residents the importance of exercise and nutrition.