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Police: Warehouse stuffed with stolen items


By:  Jennifer Baileys - Jbaileys@Fox41.com

LOUISVILLE, KY (WDRB, FOX 41) - Police say they've discovered a warehouse filled with stolen goods.

It was located on Mix Avenue near 7th Street Rd. in downtown Louisville.

Fox 41's Jennifer Baileys was the only reporter to go inside the warehouse to see first hand what the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department uncovered -- and that included kitchen sinks, computer equipment and even a boat.

"Three motorcycles, shop equipment, hand tools and we're still looking because there's still some stuff back there that we've overlooked," said Dale Clover.

Seeing is believing because this is a day Clover never thought would come.

"I thought they were probably completely dismantled and out of the country to be honest with you," said Clover.

His custom made bikes are back in his possession after being stolen from his shop, Clover Cycle Works in Middletown July 4th weekend.  It is a theft that hit him and his wallet where it hurts.

"The black one that I put in was my personal bike.  The white one I built, it's a $70,000 bike," said Clover.

He is not alone, police said the items inside the warehouse just off South Seventh Street near Downtown all belong to individuals, vendors and businesses.  Investigators are still trying to figure who owns some of it.

"There's everything from exotic motorcycles to supplies of appliances, lighting equipment even some marijuana grow equipment," said Lt. Col. Carl Yates, Jefferson County Sheriff's Department.

Yates said Jefferson County Sheriff's Detectives were working the case for weeks.  Investigators actually discovered the stolen items after serving a search warrant Monday night and Tuesday.

"It's safe to say that it's over $500,000 or more, it may be much more than that," Yates said.

Yates said the ultimate goal is getting all the items back to the right people.  Some people like Clover said that means finding some items he didn't even know were missing.

"I've collected 40 years worth of tools so you forget about some of that stuff, but I'm happy to have it back,"Clover said.

Police would not release the name of the person who owns or is renting the warehouse.  Investigators would only tell Fox 41 the person is a suspect.

Investigators also said they are looking at half a dozen suspects.

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