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UPDATE: $1 million of stolen goods in warehouse


LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB Fox 41) -- A spokesman for the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office tells Fox41.com that over $1 million of stolen goods were found inside a warehouse near 7th St. Rd. on Tuesday.

Lt. Col. Carl Yates says his office is currently looking at least five "persons of interest" in the case, and he expects a grand jury to hear details of the case in the next few weeks.

Fox 41 was the only station to get inside the warehouse on Tuesday.

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Yates told Fox41.com that he knows the value of the goods inside reaches at least $1 million, and is likely be far in excess of that amount. A Fox 41 crew photographed a variety of goods while inside the warehouse, including exotic motorcycles, a boat, a jet ski, a trailer, computer equipment, sinks, faucets and a host of other items.

Yates said some of the goods have been returned to the owners, while other items are being held as evidence.

"Some of it of course is difficult to trace," Yates said. "But we are making headway."

Yates said his office is cataloging serial numbers and contacting other agencies in an attempt to match police reports with the stolen items.

He said his office found out the warehouse through a tip. The location was placed under surveillance and, during that period, officers saw a pickup truck arrive. He said "people were going in and out" and that officers thought, "this could be it."

At that point, he said the Special Response Team (SRT) -- which he said was the equivalent of a police SWAT team -- "corralled" the three men standing outside without incident. Then they went into the warehouse with weapons drawn, thinking that "there could be people with guns" inside, but they took control of the scene without any problems.

"I think the neighbors were glad to see us," Yates laughed.

At this point, Yates says, the entire warehouse has been seized as evidence.

"We had to pretty much shut the building down and sit on it," he said.

He would not provide Fox41.com with the name of the owner, whom he said has been laying low since the incident.

"I don't think we've had a face-to-face with him yet," he said.

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